"Trusted Sustainability Partner"

Welcome to Voltherm Technologies


We look to convey state-of-the-art technology to our clients so that the dream of a “new India” is realized. Our core values revolve around innovation, with transparency being invariable; this is our way of functioning in the business ecosystem and recognizing the talents of the individuals we work with and the reliance of the people who believe us with their homes.


Provide a superior, cleaner and greener future for India. Revolutionize our nation as a trusted sustainability partner and stay forward in a changing environment by being innovative, entrepreneurial, open, zealous and smart. 

"Trusted Sustainability Partner"


Lithium Batteries for 2W/3W Electric Vehicles

Lithium Batteries for Telecom Sector

Energy Storage System

Industrial Stackable Battery Pack

Small Lithium Batteries for Electronic Devices

Solar Smart Park Bench

Solar Smart Bench

Portable Solar Powerhouse

Off-grid Solar System

Solar Advertisement Boards

Solar Gadgets

Solar Street Lights

Raw Materials for Battery Pack